Massage FAQ’s: Getting Naked

massage-austinWearing underwear is one thing, and getting completely naked for your first massage in a room that is not in your house and is not a doctor’s office is entirely another. Anxious? You’re not alone. Many first-time clients wonder how in the world they are going to get naked, get on the massage table, get rubbed and never have their unmentionables be seen by their massage therapist.

Believe me. It’s possible.

Massage Table Anatomy

In massage school, one of the first things your massage therapist is trained to talk to you about is how to make the new client feel at ease about getting undressed and getting on the massage table. Often times, the massage therapist will instruct you about how to get into the table and explain a little bit about massage table anatomy – the face cradle, top sheet and bolster, if applicable – before ever leaving you.

Say Goodbye, Massage Therapist

Then, the massage therapist will leave the room while you remove your clothing and get comfortable on the massage table as directed. You should undress to your comfort-level. Many first-time massage clients are uncomfortable removing their underwear for their first massage. Don’t worry too much about taking them off or leaving it on. It’s your massage, so get comfortable! Hang your clothes over a chair or on a hook, if one is available in the room, but try to keep them away from the edges of the table, since that is where your massage therapist works.

In a Swedish massage, you will usually begin your massage session with your face in the face cradle (aka funny doughnut looking pillow at the head of the massage table). When you’re situated, pull the top or flat sheet up to your shoulders and slide your arms under the sheet.

Slow Down. Relax

Don’t rush to undress. Your massage therapist will not walk in on you in your skivvies. Before your massage therapist enters the room, she will knock. I promise.

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